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It’s that time of year again when we vote for our new leadership. Please read over the candidate statements for the Board positions mentioned below and make your voice heard by mailing in your ballot. The New York Circle thrives because of the efforts of you, our members, and our dedicated Board of directors.


My name is Matt Goldstein and I’m running for Secretary. I’m a New York City based freelance translator, writer and native New Yorker. I began working as a part-time French to English translator in 2010 and transitioned to the profession full-time two years ago. I hold a BA in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and a Certificate in French proficiency from McGill University in Montreal with additional language and translation study in Paris. I specialize in translations for the legal, insurance and marketing fields as well as for non-profit human rights & arts organizations.

 ​Prior to working as a translator, I spent 5 years as an editor and promotions content reviewer in the pharmaceutical industry for major US and international companies and 6 years as a staff writer and outreach material developer for JDRF, the world’s leading non-profit type 1 diabetes research organization.

I previously served as Secretary on the LGBT committee of the New York chapter of the Jewish National Fund (JNF).

Since joining the NYCT two years ago, I have gained invaluable industry knowledge, contacts and colleague camaraderie all of which have greatly benefited me as I sought to work as a full-time independent translator. I’m seeking to join the Board to help strengthen the Circle’s work and mission so it can remain relevant in the lives of working translators and support both newcomers to the field and long-time translators and interpreters achieve their career goals in an ever-changing industry. �


I am honored to be asked by the Nomination Committee of the New York Circle of Translators (NYCT) to run for the position of Program Director for the 2020 to 2021 term. Parallelly, I am naturally interested in serving our Circle by planning, preparing, organizing monthly meetings and events for the upcoming two years.

I have been a professional interpreter and translator since 2004. Certified by the New York State Court and the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, I currently work as a freelance interpreter (mainly English <> Chinese) in New York Metro area, after serving as an in-house interpreter in France and China in the early years of my career and working in various business and information technology arenas. I have spoken on the interpretation, technology, self-care and beyond at New York-Nanjing Forum on Translation, Paving the Way to Health Care Access Conference, International Critical Link Conference and International Medical Interpreters Association Conference. 

In addition to my interpreting work, I lead pro bono community learning programs at i-Bridge Learning, a cross-cultural social venture I founded in 2011. Through organizing workshops and classes, other volunteers and I are dedicated to disseminating health and language access information and promoting fitness and healthy lifestyle in underserved communities.

The NYCT has been highly valuable to me for the past years. I always enjoy coming to the monthly meetings and events and connecting with other colleagues. I have contributed to the NYCT as a mentor and I am always happy to “give” while “taking” (and I am also interpreting and translating pro bono for several nonprofits regularly). We can always learn from one another. 

If I were given the opportunity to serve as the Program Director, I would first listen to our members, work with other board members and combine my business and information technology experience so as to bring more exciting programs for members and beyond. I have a vision to raise our profession’s profile by constantly building our own skills, educating employers, interacting with colleagues and networking. And the monthly meetings and events are the first and best places to start. I would like to take up the challenge and devote myself squarely to that goal, and make the NYCT home to both linguists and employers in the years to come. 


My name is Sepideh Moussavi and I am a Farsi translator and interpreter. I began my linguistic
career 31 years ago with translation and interpretation of Farsi to and from French and English
for companies in Iran, my native country. I moved to the US in 1992, to continue my studies. At
the same time I worked as a translator and interpreter at schools, healthcare facilities and
Universities. I moved to New York City about 10 years ago and founded my own translation
practice where I interpreted for TV news channels such as MSNBC, the Asia Society, and the
Federal and New York State courts systems, among others. I have translated memoirs, articles,
and publishing materials for individuals, museums, and universities. In 2016, in addition to my
translation and interpretation work, I began providing language coaching, subject matter
expertise and consulting services.

As a member of the American Translators Association (ATA), I am currently the Chairperson of
the ATA’s Farsi Workgroup that is working to create the Association’s very first Farsi
certification program by establishing the Farsi to English language pair. I joined the New York
Circle of Translators because I appreciate everything the Circle has to offer and in particular its
support for the translators in the City. I am honored to be asked to run for the Treasurer role at
the NYCT.

I have many years of experience in not-for-profit accounting and finance. My exposure to the
field began with my education at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) from where I
obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s degree in Health Administration. In
the early 2000’s, I worked in financial management at Mission Community Hospital in Los
Angles County and one of UCLA’s free clinics, Venice Family Clinic. Later on, I worked at other
not-for-profit organizations in New York City such as the New York Public Library, Harlem
United and JASA. If elected, I hope to collaborate with the President and the Board of NYCT to
make sure the organization’s financial management and oversight are done properly, its
financial records are maintained and that the Circle’s financial goals are reached



To vote for your candidates, please print out and mail the NYCT 2019 Election Ballot contained in this edition of the Gotham or click on the link below:




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