2023 Candidate Statements – Please Vote!

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Dear Circle Members,

It’s that time of year again when we vote for our new leadership. Please review the candidate statements below and make your voice heard by mailing in your ballot (see related post below for the ballot). The Circle thrives because of the efforts of you, our members, and our dedicated Board of Directors.


I joined the New York Circle of Translators as soon as I relocated to New York City about one year ago. I was interested in connections with fellow professionals and any other resources that would contribute with my profession. I am truly happy I joined!

This year I was invited to serve NYCT, by running as Program Director for the 2023-2024 term. But first things first, recognition to Alexia Klein for her efforts as current director. She had said on her 2021 statement that her goal following the pandemic was to “keep this organization afloat and strong, serving its vital role as a place of support and encouragement”. Mission accomplished. Thank you, Alexia!

I believe NYCT is a platform for great things to come. The world has a need for language professionals more than ever in its history, despite Google Translate, AI, and whatever else technology will bring. If chosen for the role, I propose we work together on three fronts.

First, I think we must learn how to capitalize on the need for our work as language professionals. Too often we miss opportunities, not because of the quality of our work, but for lack of other abilities. How to attract clients, the use of sales techniques for language professionals, marketing strategies, career investment ideas, and so forth. I have a background in sales, and believe me, when I started in this profession around ten years ago it truly made a difference, and still does. Knowing how to sell yourself and your work is as important as your work. Without the first you don’t have the latter.

Second, after we find more work, we must always explore avenues on how to improve as language professionals. Contrary to my first proposition, here we have plenty of materials, lectures, books, and other resources that can make us better translators. I believe NYCT can continue to be a great channel for such resources.

Third, we must keep on working on our fellowship as language professionals. Once again, using the words of Alexia for last term, New York language professionals must “come together, form meaningful relations, feel inspired and uplifted, and feel that they belong to a community”. I could not have expressed it better, and I can’t wait to meet you and come together as a family. Thank you!



My name is Randal Gernaat and I am pleased to be running to be your treasurer. At the beginning of the year, I was appointed by then NYCT President, Milena Savova, as interim treasurer to fill out the final year of the previous treasurer’s term.

I currently work as a freelance German-to-English translator focusing on economics, business, and financial translations. I have been a member of the New York Circle of Translators and ATA since 2021. Prior to becoming a freelance translator, I worked in the field of economics and finance for nearly 20 years in New York. I worked for Haver Analytics and Bloomberg LP where I was involved in international and European economic research, economic and financial translations from German and French into English, and the development of economic software products for global financial markets.

I appreciate the support that organizations such as NYCT can provide to language professionals and am happy to volunteer to help keep our organization strong both now and in the future. Over the past year, I have been working carefully to document all of our revenues and costs in order to ensure our financial situation remains strong. I also began working on figuring out ways we can spend our money in responsible ways to better support our membership.

If I am elected treasurer, I look forward to continuing to find ways to make sure our costs remain reasonable and to responsibly use NYCT resources to support our members. Thank you for your consideration.



Laura works as a freelance translator, interpreter, entrepreneur, and language tutor. She is a translator for German, English, and Portuguese into Spanish and is now doing a Masters in Translation and Interpreting at Hunter College-CUNY. She has served at the Argentine Association for Translators and Interpreters (AATI) as a board member and was tenured professor for German language at Universidad Nacional del Comahue in Argentina. In 2019 at the Polyglot Conference in Fukuoka she spoke about multiple intelligences and learning styles and in 2014 at the XXth FIT (International Federation of Translators) World Congress in Berlin she delivered a presentation about reading comprehension as a means to acquiring foreign languages more quickly and efficiently. Laura would be honored to serve all translators as a secretary connecting NYCT with other organizations and defending our rights as translators. Laura loves travelling, cooking, learning new languages, and creating spaces for personal and professional self-development. 


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