A Note from the Editor

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Margarite Heintz Montez

Summer is slipping away in the northeast. Students have started attending school, some eagerly, others not so eager. Leaves are beginning to curl and turn colors. Halloween decorations and candy are on store shelves. Hopefully everyone enjoyed summer in the way he or she enjoys best.

The translation industry is bursting with news. Firstly, the United Nations General Assembly is in session which in NYC means work for practically all interpreters in the tri-state area. The myriad amount of diplomats, dignitaries and their entourages opens plenty of opportunity for both staff and freelance interpreters.

Translation Day is September 30th. This is also the feast day of St. Jerome, who translated the Bible. ProZ has a full day webinar with workshops encompassing many different areas of our industry. It’s well worth taking a look at their offerings. After the webinar please keep referring to the website it is chock full of information and tidbits for translators.

Many of our members, myself included, are making plans for the ATA conference. The conference has many sessions that are really informative. Plus it’s always good to connect with people face to face instead of computer to computer; personally I find that one of the best reasons to attend.

If the ATA is not on your on schedule there is LocWorld, the TAUS Annual conference, tcworld, Translating Europe Forum and many other conferences from which to choose. Please keep the Gotham Translator informed about any conferences, seminars or workshops you may attend. Members can write articles for publication or if writing an article is not possible at least let us know if the event was worth the time and effort.

The NYCT has interesting meetings coming up and of course there is our always fun-filled Holiday Party. But before I get to ahead of myself please look over the pictures from the summer picnic, many attended and everyone had a wonderful time.

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