A Word from the Editor

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Well the end of the year is almost here. There is still much to do. Work projects, interpreting assignments, updating or learning new tools and of course the everyday details of life that keeps us humming.

Many members attended the ATA conference in Miami and are still catching up with work projects. I was very happy to meet up with many NYCT members. It was good to see you in Miami and I hope it was as good a conference for you as for me. There were so many interesting sessions to choose from this year. I’m planning to have some of the presenters write for the NYCT Gotham, so if you missed a session you may be able to read an article by the presenter you missed.

As far as things to do there is one thing I do hope all members take seriously. It’s the opportunity to vote in the NYCT Board Elections.

Please read the candidate statements and cast your vote. Unfortunately many members do not vote and we hope this will change. While our NYCT election is not as exciting as what is happening on the national level it still affects us personally as members.

If one the reasons that you do not cast a vote is because it “does not matter” or “there’s no one I know running” then please contact our nominating committee or one of the Board Members at a meeting and state that you would like to run for the Board. The Board needs new ideas and fresh insights, perhaps an idea you have leads to big changes for the Circle.

Hope to see every one of you at the Holiday Party,

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