Candidate Statements

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New York Circle of Translators 2015 Election

Candidate Statements

Miosotis Vargas (Candidate for Program Director)

The very first time I walked into a New York Circle of Translators meeting, I had no idea that it was going to change my professional life forever. I met so many wonderful high caliber people that day, including the then president Leonard Morin who so graciously welcomed me and put me in contact with people who have helped to advance my career as an interpreter.

Since that fateful day, becoming a member of the Circle has continued to exceed my expectations, and today I am running for the privilege to serve as your Program Director.

In my two enriching years at the New York Circle of Translators, I have worked with other dedicated members on an outreach initiative to bring together like-minded individuals in a symposium to advance the professionalization of public service and commercial language assistance in the New York City area.

By working on this project, I have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively serve as the new Program Director. I also have extensive experience in project management, having worked in several community-based organizations where I have lead successful campaigns and programs.

After Kate Deimling I will have big shoes to fill, but I am determined to continue serving the New York Circle of Translators by bringing the kind of quality programs that have characterized our organization for the last several years.

I love the Circle, and I am fully committed to our community and the future of the translation and interpretation industry. I am looking forward to bringing my passion and dedication to service to its members.


Ana Salotti (Candidate for Program Director)

My name is Ana Salotti. I’m an English-Spanish freelance translator, and a translation instructor at Hunter College. I have had the opportunity to study translation and interpreting in two very different parts of the world: my native Argentina, where I undertook a BA in Spanish Translation back in 2005, and Australia, where I earned an MA in Interpreting and Translation Studies in 2012. I have been working as a professional translator since 2005, and as an interpreter since early 2015. I am an active member of the NYCT, and I am now honored to have been asked to run for the position of Program Director.

Coming from two diverse training settings, having worked in this field for almost ten years, and now teaching two Translation courses at Hunter College, I can see the great strengths, weaknesses and exciting opportunities lying ahead in our market. I firmly believe that the NYCT is breaking new ground with the monthly programs they have been putting together. I also believe that there is still more to do, to keep building our membership, provide ongoing learning opportunities, and educate clients and the general public on the importance of professionalization in our industry.

If elected, I will be looking forward to the opportunity of organizing relevant training workshops, talks and events with these goals in mind. I think training is the key to raising the bar of our profession. As a Program Director, I am ready to embrace that mission. I am committed to do as I as much as I can to make the NYCT the leading non-profit organization that every translator and interpreter in the city goes to for membership, training courses, interesting talks, and the latest trends in the market. I would also like to help build a higher profile for the Circle in the public eye. I promise to work with passion, and to engage in a meaningful dialogue with our members and stakeholders.


Lisa M. Rodriguez (Candidate for Secretary)

The New York Circle of Translators is gaining steam, seeking ways to support current members and to encourage other professionals to join us. The current Board has provided useful and interesting opportunities for members to learn about different aspects of translation and interpreting. Their efforts have inspired me to join in, and I would like to contribute to our organization’s efforts as Secretary for the 2016 term.

To help you make your decision about the position of Secretary, I would like to offer a summary of my professional background. I have been a professional translator since 2011. I am ATA Certified in Spanish to English Translation, and I hold the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies Certificate in French to English Translation.

I was raised in Union County, New Jersey. After completing my B.A. at Lynchburg College in Virginia, I lived in Spain for sixteen years. There, I worked as an English teacher, and I obtained a Licenciatura from the University of Seville. Upon returning to the U.S., I worked in the financial services sector for eleven years. For two of those years I was a secretary, after which I worked in positions which involved trade support, operational and record keeping functions for my department. In 2011, my job in financial services moved to the West coast.

At that time, I decided to seek a profession in which I could combine my experience with languages with my experience in business. Friends and acquaintances working in translation generously offered information and training. The conferences, training and support I experienced helped me conclude that freelance translation was the right choice for me.

It was one of the best decisions of my life. Courses and information offered through the ATA and its members allowed me a relatively smooth transition, and I currently work from a home office as Constantia Language Services LLC. The word Constantia is Latin for perseverance. As all translators and interpreters know, perseverance is key to developing the complex language and business skills necessary for success in our field.

As Secretary, I would not bring decades of experience as a translator or interpreter to the table. However, I have a broad-based and multi-cultural work background, and I have the writing skills, discipline and availability necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

Most important, I am eager for an opportunity to work with the current board members to support the growth and modernization of our organization. It would be an honor to serve the NYCT as Secretary. Thank you for reading my statement and considering my candidacy.


Andre Kononenko (Candidate for Treasurer)

I am excited to accept the nomination to run for Treasurer of the NYCT. I have been a member of NYCT for 3 years now and have been impressed with the latest improvements and accomplishments that current leadership is actively pursuing. I am particularly motivated to work on supporting efforts for continued improvements and increasing overall member satisfaction with benefits that an NYCT membership offers.

I believe I have a number of valuable qualities I would bring to the position of Treasurer. First, I have 15+ years of practical experience as a business analyst in a large financial organization, which should allow me to accurately record, keep and maintain accounting information as well as prepare financial reports and balance sheets. I am confident that my MBA degree will complement my experience in all matters related to keeping books and records at the highest level of proficiency and to the highest standard of integrity.

Secondly, my experience and relationships with NYCT members and the Circle’s leadership would allow me to step into the role quickly.

Finally, I have energy and passion to serve the NYCT and consider it a great privilege to be of service to an organization that I fully support and endorse. As a translator, I know firsthand how important and valuable peer support and encouragement are to any translator or interpreter, to one who is just starting or to one with many years of experience. I can’t think of a better way to integrate my passion for supporting a professional group and my dedication to service than through this organization. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments about my candidacy for this position, by phone (203) 273-5691 or via email:

Sincerely yours,
Andre Kononenko

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