FIT Committee on Education and Training Work

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The following is a reprint from Translatio, the FIT Newsletter. FIT is the International Federation of Translators. We thank them for allowing us to reprint the information.

The FIT Committee on Education and Training conducted a needs assessment survey among FIT members to obtain and gather views and statistical information about existing educational, training and professional development opportunities for translators and interpreters.

The survey was completed in March 2015. Participating organizations were asked whether they have established
training and professional development
committees for professionals in the fields of translation and interpretation. Information was also collected
about training guidelines published by FIT members.

Numerous respondents shared up-to date information about institutions in their respective countries currently providing training programmes in translation and interpretation, including undergraduate and graduate programmes. Other organizations provide online self-directed training, internet-based educational
webinars, workshops, seminars and webbased
language resources.

Topics ranged from the pedagogy of interpreting and
translation, localization project management, translation theory and technology, as well as trainer training for the ongoing benefit of translators and interpreters. The results are being added to the existing translator-training database maintained by the Intercultural Studies Group
of the European Society for Translation Studies (EST) and the FIT Education and Training Committee. We recommend increased cooperation between member
organizations to create more training and professional development opportunities for interpreters and translators.
Thelma Gómez-Ferry

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