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Happy 2021 to one and all! I hope you enjoy the new issue of the Gotham.

If you’ve ever wondered where your translation career might eventually lead you, make sure to check out the article by our newly elected Vice President, Marcel Votlucka. In it he describes how his Japanese language skills led him to the study of Buddhism, to the editing of Chinese Buddhist texts translated into English and eventually to a new language pairing of Chinese and English. It is a truly colorful and inspiring story. In addition, you will find my write-ups of the Circle’s very enjoyable virtual holiday party in December 2020 and an interesting Literary Translation event I attended in January sponsored by the Center of Fiction.

Remember that the Gotham is always looking for original content so feel free to send me any ideas you might have about future articles, even if English is not your native tongue. It’s a chance to showcase  the incredible diversity and expertise of our membership.

With best regards,

Patricia Stumpp

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