Letter From the Editor

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Happy Holidays to one and all,

Another year is coming to a close. Hopefully everyone of you has accomplished the professional and personal goals you had for the year.

This issue contains articles with a focus on news from the industry in various countries worldwide rather than articles with a NYCT area focus. The Gotham hopes all our members find these articles informative and maybe gives members the inspiration to read other newsletters from other associations to gain a larger perspective on our industry.

The article on the advertising /publicity campaign in Quebec is quite interesting. Getting the word out about our profession really does make a difference.

This is also the time of year when we not only prepare for the holidays with family and friends (the fun part) but also when we prepare for the start of a New Year. This includes making sure bills, receipts, etc. are all in order (not as fun). Please make sure to update your memberships with the NYCT and other organizations to which you belong.

The Circle is having an election for new Board Members please remember to vote when you receive the voting materials.

May you all have a joy filled holiday season and a prosperous New Year!!

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