Letter from the Editor

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By now most of us have decided to either ditch our New Year resolutions or have resolved to strengthen them and keep working harder. Long ago I decided to not make a long list of resolutions but to only focus on two, this way I make sure they are attainable. I always make a professional goal and a personal goal.

Professional goals can be as varied as the members of the NY Circle. I’ve known members who decided to work abroad for a year in a country that speaks his/her target or source language. Others want to add a new area of expertise. Some want to master a CAT tool. Some want to pass certification or court exams. Everyone wants better rates and would also like the general public to be more informed and aware of our industry.

Getting the word out is challenging but not impossible. Writing a blog, your local paper or phoning into a radio station talk show can be ways to get the word out. Writing articles is a great way to get your name out there whether it is in a national magazine, an industry specific trade magazine or even a local newsletter. I’m hoping many of our members consider contributing to the Gotham. The NY Circle has so many members with a wealth of knowledge that they could share. Many newcomers would greatly appreciate this and seasoned translators and interpreters might find a fresh view on an issue that was perplexing them. Please consider sharing your take on the industry with fellow members by submitting an article.

Here’s hoping all New York Circle members have a productive year filled with professional and personal milestones that surpass all their expectations.

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