Letter From the Editor

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Another year is coming to a close. Yes there is still much to do, school has started for many, for those who are able the ATA Annual conference will be in full swing and the holidays are coming.

There have been quite a few changes within the NY Circle since I first became a member in 2002,  most of them for the better, some things I liked as it once was, but these things happen.

We have a great new Board with wonderful ideas that have brought a new influx of members. Meetings and events are quite varied and I urge those who have not attended in some time to try to carve out some time to listen to some wonderful presentations.

But along with changes in the industry and changes in the Circle we also have changes in our personal lives. With this in mind I would like to say thank you to the Board and the membership for my time as the Editor of the Gotham. During the past years it has been wonderful interviewing many of you and reading the great articles that have been submitted, however, due to personal events in my life, it is time I also make a change therefore I must pass the baton to another Editor.

I hope that I will still see many of you at NY Circle meetings, the ATA conferences or even “online” and once again thank you I have learned so much about our members and the industry during my tenure.

Kind regards,
Margarite Heintz Montez

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