Letter from the Editor

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Greetings to all our readers. I hope you enjoy the latest edition of the Gotham in which we explore a wide range of topics of interest to translators and interpreters.

Thanks go to Amal Alaboud, Bethany Sullivan and Mourine Breiner for their contributions. Amal has written about the Circle’s March 18th panel discussion on languages of lesser diffusion while Bethany, one of the first recipients of the Charles M. Stern scholarship grant, describes her experiences attending the February 16th ATA legal seminar. Mourine’s article focuses on vanishing world languages and the devastating impact this phenomenon has on the world’s linguistic and cultural heritage.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Maya Hess, the founder and CEO of Red T, the organization dedicated to the protection of translators and interpreters working in war zones and other areas of conflict. I was also able to attend a meeting of the “Entre Dos Mundos” Book Club which explores Spanish language literature that has been translated into English.

Original content like that of Amal, Bethany and Mourine adds a lot of interest to the Gotham and I encourage all our members and readers to contact me with any submissions you think might be of interest to the Circle. You can reach me at:

With best regards,

Patricia Stumpp

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