Letter from the New Editor

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Greetings to all our members and readers. My name is Patricia Stumpp and I am the new editor of the Gotham Translator.

It was a real pleasure to edit the first edition of the newsletter in 2019, the fortieth anniversary year of the founding of the Circle. Several of our members contributed their significant knowledge and expertise to it. I think you will enjoy reading Laurie Truehaft’s recollections of Charles M. Stern, the founder of the Stern Autonomous Grant, as well as my interview with Elizabeth Schneewind and Leonard Morin’s ruminations on making the transition from translation to interpretation. Donald Duffy’s book review and the article on Google Translate should also be of great interest to our members.

As for me, I had a long career in international banking during which time I worked extensively in Spanish, Italian and French, as well as in English, my native tongue. I am a lifelong student of all three languages with a great love of literature. After retiring from banking, I decided to focus on Italian and was pleased to have recently passed the oral interpretation exam in Italian for the NYS court system.

I would like to ask all our members and readers to reach out to me with any articles you have written that you believe might be of interest to the Circle.  It would be great to see your work in future editions of the Gotham.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Stumpp

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