RECAP: February Meeting

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Business Meeting and Member Mixer

Valeriya Yermishova, current Board President, welcomed everyone who attended.

Leonard Morin, outgoing President, discussed his presidency during his tenure. He stated that “We are on a positive trajectory.” Before his tenure, the Circle was in danger of going out of existence, but since then the organization has really turned around. The boards he’s worked with have been able to improve things for the better. When he started, membership was dwindling, the website needed severe improvement and record keeping and finances were a mess.

For the past years, NYCT has focused on:
1. Fair remuneration
2. Working conditions
3. High quality translation and interpreting services

Current status: Website is up, thanks to the efforts of Gigi, Paolo has sorted the finances and Louise has done an excellent job as administrator, Kate has been great at organization events, Myosotis on outreach, Margarite working on The Gotham, Valeriya handling social media and observing past year to take her role as President, and membership has gone up every year since 3 years ago.

He finished with “Thank you for having me as President.”

Gigi discussed the new website and the new interactive Gotham Translator newsletter. Paolo prepared financial reports for the membership. Kate discussed past events she organized and touched on a few upcoming plans for the new year.

After the outgoing Board discussed the past year and their respective terms the new Board consisting of

  • Valeriya Yermishova, President
    Alta L. Price, Vie-President
    Kate Deimling, Program Director
    Melissa Mannis, Secretary
    Osei Prempeh, Treasurer

Was introduced to the membership.

Some words from Valeriya: We would love to know what you liked or didn’t like last year; Louise will be sending out a survey. This organization is for you…if you want to get more involved, you can! We will have elections for Treasurer, Secretary and Program Director.

Afterwards members got to know each other during the networking portion.

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