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The NYCT starts off the New Year with New members:

Mohamed Abdelhalim
Jennifer An
Michael Brookman
Birgit Bruder
Conny Bruus
Luis Cog
Maria Galvez
Cynthia Khanin
Boris Ostrer
Daniel Sanabria-Morales
Vladimir Smolyansky
Yulia Spektor
Rosa Viteri
Vincent Yard

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  1. Fany de la Torre


    I registered some weeks ago. Please how I could pay the membership by this web? I tried but the system is recognizing my e-mail, and there is not access to the payment option.

    • Margarite Author

      Hello Fany,

      The Gotham site is not where you pay membership fees. You need to go to the NYCT website. If you still have difficulties please contact Cristo, the administrator via phone or e-mail.

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