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Reprinted with gracious permission from Modlingua

Gone are the days when translation used to be practiced as an art by a selected number of intellectuals who used to enjoy literature, and by translating classics they used to offer literary cannons in their local language by giving second life to the original author’s work through translation. In last 30 years, the demand for translation and language related services has increased exponentially, and translation has evolved into a full-fledged profession that requires specialized training and professional orientation. Translation is not only needed for the promotion of literature and cross cultural activities, it has become an essential tool for keeping pace with the globalization phenomenon which is inseparable from technology and localization processes.

In recent years, localization has progressed from being an added effort by some software publishers to a multi-billion-dollar professional industry. Translation that forms inherent part of localization, globalization, language engineering and software internationalization processes has become key element of international marketing. In many cases, translation and localization has proven to be the key factor for international product acceptance and success at local level.

These developments have added unprecedented dynamism in economic, social and cultural activities across the globe. India, being one of the major players, has undergone revolutionary changes within its economic, social and cultural systems giving way to Informational Technology and Business Process Outsourcing. The steady economic growth and reforms have helped Indian economy attract record inflow of Foreign Direct Investment and joint ventures creating a high demand for language consumption in local languages as well as foreign languages.

With growth of knowledge based activities, Indian job market has high demand for trained professional translators. IT revolution and popular use of web2.0 technologies worldwide have further increased manifold the employment opportunities for translators. The steady growth story of India has made it one of the well sought destinations for multinationals who plan to enter Indian market in a big way. So, in terms of scope of jobs, translation as a vocation is on all time-high specially for Hindi and Indian language speakers.

By Ravi Kumar, Founder, Modlingua Certified Translation Services in New Delhi

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